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tv   The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur  Current  September 11, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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>> i'm happy to have you both on my show and thank you very much. thanks to all my guests tonight. good night everybody. >> welcome to the young tucker. on the anniversary of 9/11, we find out that the bush administration was far more next than even we had imagined. >> so i don't know where he is. you know, i just don't spend that much time on it to be honest with you. >> no, they told them everything they needed to know to go on a full alert and the white house didn't do it. >> that story's amazing and it's coming right at the top of the show. later, we find more about the debt negotiations that president obama had with the republicans. look at the contempt that john boehner had towards president obama. >> the only thing about the differences between the president and myself is i'm here smoking, drinking, here's the president of the united states drinking iced tea and champing
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on nicorettes. >> he's making fun of the president for drinking iced tea. what a weird weird set of circumstances and those are the guys you're supposed to be negotiating with? i can't wait to go off on that story. we have an exclusive with don the former governor of alabama about to go to jail, railroaded by karl rove. karl rove blamed them for it. >> i'm his daughter. i just wanted to meet you and say -- he cut me off right away and said tell your dad not to use my name to make money. >> crazy. all right. it's a big show, and it's go time. >> all right. it is the anniversary of 9/11 and i got a warning for you guys, i'm about to get angry
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about this story. it's about the negligence of the bush administration and what they did not do to prevent that attack. of course, president obama, of course as usual spoke out on 9/11. [ bells tolling ] >> today we remember a day that began like so many others, tries school and commutes to work. early flights and familiar routines quick hugs, and quiet moments. it was a day like this one a clear blue sky, a bit of sky that would soon be filled with clouds of smoke and prayers of a nation shaken to its core. >> but we have been told over and over again well, there was nothing that could have been done. well, that turns out to be not true but dick cheney just went even further. now here's what ensaid about the
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president "if president obama were participating in intelligence briefings on a regular basis perhaps he would understand why people are so offended at his effort to take sole credit for the killing of osama bin laden. >> he didn't take sole credit. he thanked the navy seals intelligence every single time. >> you're talking about getting bin laden? you loser you miserable failure of a human being, dick cheney, what did you do to get bin laden for eight years? not a damn thing. you were a pathetic miserable failure. you never got the guy who killed 3,000 american citizens that day. you never got him so shut your trap! now you're talking about oh, president obama's taking too much credit! here's the amount of credit you should get less than zero! we now find out as buttressed by everything richard clark and others said that he had numerous warnings cheney did bush did
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and they did nothing! it was pathetic! richard clark tried to tell us about this. remember he is the counter terrorism advisor to clinton and bush telling the bush administration, you've got to do something for the love of god al-qaeda's coming, you've got to do something. we knew about this back in this report in 2000 fore. >> the victims' families have no idea what dr. rice said. they weren't in those closed hearings. >> clark argues a full review will prove his point that president bush did not make fighting terrorism a top priority before 9/11. >> there wasn't any personal performance by the president prior to september 11. >> now boy does that turn out to be true. everybody remembers that famous august 6 presidential daily briefing where it was titled obama -- i'm sorry -- president -- sorry about that "bin laden determined to strike in u.s." everybody knew this, right? it turns out it's much worse
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than this. the writer from new york times apparently got to look at briefings of the president before august 6. cbs news talked to him yesterday. >> this morning in the new york times, investigative reporter curt eichenwald said the write house refuse ominous warnings since may of 2001. >> i've seen the presidential daily briefs before august 6 of 2001 and they're horrific. there are reports attacks are coming, there are going to be mass casualties. >> now when we knew about the august 6 memo, it was bad enough. there was this passage: passage. tells of an unnamed c.i.a. briefer:
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>> so they send a guy this is not just hade, you send a guy down to the ranch you don't get it they're coming, an attack in the u.s. do you know what bush's response was? let me show it to you: >> now pause it and think about that for a second. now, if somebody gives you a daily briefing every day, do you say ok, you've covered your ass? no! if somebody has come down there and said they're coming, they're coming they're coming, you've got to do something and he goes ahh i'm on vacation. he was on vacation for a month doing nothing. he said ok, you covered your ass, go home now. it gets worse. >> he said i have read excerpts
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from many of them, referring to the briefings. he said: >> significantly more negligence. all right. the august 6 document for all the controversy that it provoked is not nearly as shocking as the briefs that came before it. shocking. all right. he continues: >> remember, the attack happens in september. they got the warning as early as may one. >> it could be eminent!
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and what do they do? nothing! now you're criticizing president obama when he actually got bin laden? you losers! we continue: in fact, here, we've got this one on tape. he talked about while they were telling him al-qaeda is coming, al-qaeda is coming, what did these loser idiot moron neocons do instead? watch. >> the worst of them, the pentagon the neoconservatives at the pentagon as the c.i.a. was coming in saying al-qaeda is going to attack said oh, this is just a false flag operation. bin laden's trying to take our eye off of the real threat, iraq. >> because they're obsessed. they got to go to iraq! that's what they came to do, start a war with iraq. who cares who's actually going to be a threat to us? look, the c.i.a. had to do a briefing.
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>> what kind of morons are you? it's not iraq! how stupid are you? it's not iraq! it's bin laden and he's coming. look at this: may one 2001, this is just a partial list, july 29, july 9, july 11 july 24 and the famous one on august 6, they're coming, they're coming, do something do something! you loser you failure. do something! he didn't do anything. that's why he had the stupid look on his face when we got hit reading to the kids, oh, my god they hit us. they weren't just covering their ass. they ignored the intelligence because they had none! >> after the attacks condoleezza rice said: >> this is during the 9/11
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commission hearings: >> he made clear to me, that is bush, that he did not want to respond top al-qaeda one attack at a time. he told me he was tired of swatting flies. after 9/11, they call it swatting flies. some of those flies killed 3,000 people. have some respect! but no! even after 9/11, they did nothing! oh let's go to iraq instead let's go to iraq instead. well why? this is great remember richard clark, the counter terrorism advisor who said for the love of god concentrate on al-qaeda. >> he said there aren't any good targets in afghanistan and there are lots of good targets in iraq. i said there are lots of good targets in lots of places, but iraq had nothing to do with it. >> just a couple of months after 9/11 itself. look at the president president george w. bush, talking about the man who attacked us on that
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day. get a load of this. >> so, i don't know where he is. you know, i just don't spend that much time on it to be honest with you. you know, who knows if he's hiding in some cave or not. we haven't heard from him in a long time, and the idea of focusing on one person is really indicates to me people don't understand the scope of the mission. terror is bigger than one person. >> so, there's the guy flat out admitting i don't care about 9/11. i don't care about the guy who did 9/11 and now dick cheney after all that, you want to try take a piece of credit, oh, we had people working on it all those years? no, it was the exact opposite. you didn't do anything before and afterwards, you used it as an excuse to go to iraq which is what you always wanted to do, you and your idiot neocon supporters. those people are now in the mitt romney campaign. mitt romney running for president back in 2007 and 2008
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said this: >> about lynn laden. they don't give a damn, they've never given a damn! who are those lose ernie yo cons who wanted to go to iraq instead? here they are again, all working for mitt romney, john bolton, elliot cohen cofer black eric edemman. they want to get back into power. are you kidding me? oh gee i wonder my mitt romney never mentioned foreign policy in his acceptance speech at his convention because they were an embarrassment to this nation and an embarrassment over what happened on 9/11. then at the end of all this, because the republican voters are so damn dense, they are so immune facts there's a a
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polling coercion in ohio asking republicans who got bin laden. get a load of this. 38% say obama. how is it only 38%? wimp planet are you on. 47% i'm not sure. who deserves the credits 15% romney. romney? romney? for what? while he was running bain capital? at the olympics? romney! how the hell could it be romney? but republicans don't give a damn about facts. the worst disaster in our history happened on bush's watch! and they say oh, well, ok, well then it's definitely not bush's fault. give him credit for fighting against 9/11. that's what he ran is a 2004 campaign on. now they say reelect another republican president who has the same idiots on his team and by the way we think he got bin laden. what do you do with people who don't give a damn about reality?
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here's what i do. i fight back. now, when we come back. rush limbaugh, all these guys, they think oh, my god romney's not being vicious enough to obama and so this could mean the end of the republican party. fast forward. >> if you can't beat barack obama with this record, then shut down the party. >> and then what is the real republican party? find out how much sheldon might make in tax cuts if mitt romney gets in party. >> your checkbook. >> and my checkbook. the auto rescue saved more than 9,000 jobs. in the great state of michigan, 211,000 good paying, american jobs!
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in romney's world, cars get the elevator, and the workers get the shaft! (vo) want more granholm? get
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[ air howling ] [ air howling ]
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peppermint that cools as you chew. stimulate your senses. 5 gum. now in micro pack. >> every republican in the country is now encouraging mitt romney to throw the kitchen sink at president obama. why? well before the democratic convention they were tied 48-48. all of a sudden, now president obama with a commanding lead. to have a 6 point lead this late is pretty damned large. they recognize this as well. the republicans do, so here's george will over the weekend panicking. >> if the republican party cannot win in this environment it has to get out of politics. >> so, can you believe it? i mean obama how can we be lose
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to go obama? that's crazy, we should get out of politics. >> laura ingraham continues. >> if you can't beat barack obama with this record, then shut down the party. shut it down! start new with new people. because this is a gimme election or at least it should be. >> they are so blinded by their hatred they can't see any other possibility. we hate obama so much how could you be losing to him? they feel everybody must hate him as much as we do. everybody is not quite as racist as you guys are. i know it comes as a giant shock to you and your candidate sucks. your new ideas give tax breaks to the rich. i didn't see that coming. rush limbaugh joins. >> if obama wins, it's the ends
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of conservatism. no, it's the end of the republican party. >> they're like how can we be losing to that guy again. how can we lose to a black guy twice? it's not just about race. the reality is they have no new ideas. the american people don't like their ideas but they can't get it through their thick skull. who's fault is it? it's mitt romney's fault. he hasn't been vicious enough. >> romney, the best thing you can do is to remember this election isn't about him. he may as well be elmer fudd. we're voting against obama. i don't care who they put up. we're vetting against obama. >> yeah, well, that's very clear. >> we're voting based on hatred and now all of a sudden comparing mitt romney to elmer fudd. why? because they're losing, it must not be the republican's fault it must not be that.
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>> as far as the middle east is concerned, this president's national security policy has been an abysmal failure. >> oh, really? his foreign policy. john mccain, i've said it a million times for what he did in vietnam and not leaving his fellow soldiers behind, american hero. that binges, his record on foreign policy is the definition of abysmal failure. you're one of the morons who got us into iraq. really? what other wars would you like to start, john mccain, i'm so curious what you think about foreign policy, your team, your republican party had eight years to get bin laden you didn't get him. president bush's watch under the republican watch, we got hit on 9/11. oh, you want to talk to me about failure in foreign policy? shh. but they've got to throw
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everything at it. failure failure now mitt romney with god god god. >> i will not take god out of the name of our platform. i will not take god off our coins and i will not take god out of my heart. >> good for you. listen. president obama hasn't said he would do any of these things. kitchen sink. kitchen sink. lie, lie lie. >> oh, yeah, taking god out of the coins. >> who the hell is taking god out of the coins or pledge of allegiance? he's making that stuff up. speaking of radicals, you know he did that speech with pat robertson. someone recently called into his program, sent in a letter, a husband frustrated with their wife because their wife won't listen to him is not being obedient and once raised her hand to him. >> well, you could become a muslim and you could beat her. >> but in lieu of that. >> you don't want to go to saudi
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arabia? >> no. >> this man's got to stand up to her and he can't let her get away with this stuff. >> god god god god look at my friend pat robertson. he says god i wish i could be a muslim so i could beat my wife. classy stuff really, really classy. speaking of classy, here's mitt romney a little while ago talking about birtherrism. >> i love being home in this place where ann and i were raised, both of us were born. no one's ever asked to see my birth certificate. they know that this is the place that we were born and raised. >> oh, yeah, when you're in trouble, when you suck, and you don't know what to do with your campaign. go to birtherrism. that's real classy. these guys get a free pass on saying the most outrageous things all the time. i want to point out the head of the republican national
4:23 pm
committee. listen to what he said. >> mitt romney has to win for the sake of the very idea of america, mitt romney has to win for liberty and freedom and we have to put an end to this barack obama presidency before it puts an end to our way of life in america. >> before it puts an end to our way of life in america? i mean, how outrageous a statement is that? but the republicans are already at the kitchen sink. that's why they need joe the plumber. how do we get below the sink? he's going to end our way of life. oh, he hates god! he sucks at foreign policy, this that and everything else else. they're desperate losers. america doesn't want another tax cut for the rich or another war in the in the middle east. this is the only garbage the republican party has left. speaking of garbage, karl rove is starting a program against
4:24 pm
don segelman, the former republican of alabama. he's going to jail. we caught up with don segelman and his daughter. >> are you better off with a lame duck president obama or are you better off with president obama as president obama? >> i'm better off with president obama, regardless if i had to spend the six years in prison. >> and john boehner with his enormous contempt for president obama during the debt negotiations, new details on that. i'm already angry. that will make me even more angry when we come back. >> i want to be very emphatic. at no point did i say john, take it or leave it. >> no, no, no. hold on. no, no. >> republicans. government so small it can fit in your vagina. (vo) featuring stephanie miller and friends, in the funniest political comedy tour in america. >> fox news is like a mecca for people who hate mecca.
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(vo) with exclusive, behind the scenes footage. >> it is a movement. (vo) don't miss stephanie miller"s sexy liberal comedy tour. >> i'm going to go cop some cheap feels.
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>> john siegelman was the former governor, lt. governor, attorney general for the state of alabama. he was considered a threat by republicans like karl rove, because usually southern democratic senators do well in national elections. he was targeted for destruction. they wound up going after him for a bribery charge on a case where he didn't get a dime! he was actually dealing with a guy named richard crushy who
4:28 pm
wound up helping on a cause and being on a board that he was already on. it was one of the weakest cases i've ever seen. i care more about political corruption than almost any other story. if there was a hint of corruption here, i'd say i don't give a damn and i've gone after democrats a million times, but there was no such thing. they target him and today, don siegelman headed back to prison in oakdale. you see him going to prison. as i look at that picture it makes me sick. i can't believe he's about to serve another 69 months on this gross mischaracterization of justice. here's what he told 60-mile an hours. >> siegelman was once the most successful democratic in alabama. he claims his prosecution was influenced by the president's former political advisor karl
4:29 pm
rove. >> what we need is karl rove to get himself over to the judiciary committee and put his hand on the bible and give an oath and he can tell the truth or take the fifth either one will satisfactory me. >> our own political correspondent michael sherer got that picture of siegelman going to prison and talked to him at the democratic national convention. tell me more. >> chenk it's a heartbreaking story, someone who is a successful democratic governor in the south those are precious, few and far between. the bush people felt threatened by him and went after him in the worst way. here is don siegelman talking about karl rove and how he was such a big part of this. >> my mission is to find a key to open the door to my freedom because i'm about to go to jail for something no one else in the america's ever been sent to prison for raising money or a valid initiative where i was
4:30 pm
trying to send kids to college% for free. there is no allegation that i put any money in my own pocket. i have a bunch of friends around here who understand what happened in my case. it was karl rove's fingerprints at the origin of the case. people have a sensitivity toward what i've been going through. >> tell me about the players involved in this case. >> the players involved, laura canary was a friend of karl rove. george bush appointed the judge who eventually went -- laura canacy was the prosecutor, george bush appointed the judge who sent him to term. after the case was thrown out he was released from prison the first time, she said wait a second, we have to take another good look at this. canary's wife was the chief of the campaign of bob wiley the
4:31 pm
governor who siegelman tried to unseat. it's all very, very fishy. >> i want everyone to focus on that. it's his former opponent's wife who's his prosecutor. right there insanity! insanity! the campaign manager for his former opponent, his wife running the prosecution. it should be totally unacceptable. >> another big part of this case is let's talk about what it was. he was raising money for a state lottery that would have enabled some people of alabama to go to college for free. jack abramoff was a corrupt guy a lobbyist, he was representing the mississippi casinos. they didn't want any of that money to go into a lottery. they wanted it to come to the casinos. jack was fighting. the referendum lost. this ballot initiative lost.
4:32 pm
richard scrushyy gave $5 million to that ballot initiative. he got nothing for it. the people in court said he got this position on a state board. he had been on that board for 12 years serving under three different governors. this was not a quid pro quo. >> why didn't they investigate any of the republican governors who put scrushyy under that same exact board? they want to target governor siegelman, very important investigation, who's leading it? the wife of his opponent's campaign manager. how obvious is this? >> precisely. when karl rove was asked about it in testimony testimony about his firings of the attorneys general, you know that story they brought up siegelman and asked him questions referring to that same period of time up to 2002. did you have communications with him. here's what he said, not do i recall.
4:33 pm
>> did you have communications with criminal investigation regarding siegelman? not that i'm aware of. >> did you have any communication about a possible criminal investigation of siegelman with bill canary. >> if somebody asks you or me, hey, were you involved in some sort of bribery, investigation or were you involved in framing a governor? what would be your answer? no! right? there's no ambiguity, of course not, i had nothing to do with it, what are you talking about? no, of course not right? not that i am aware of? not that i can recall? that means i absolutely fricking did it and if you prove it, i say i didn't commit percentage, i just happen to not remember setting that guy up to go to prison oops. >> this judge fuller, appointed
4:34 pm
by george bush had a fundraiser for 26,000 person town, in enter prize alabama three weeks ago that karl rove went to. >> oh, come on. >> for the republican party. this wasn't birmingham or montgomery, this is in enter prize, alabama. >> they are buying the judge in the case. they just did it three weeks ago. >> the siegelman family was at the d.n.c. his daughter finally got a moment with karl rove, who was also at the d.n.c. this is what happened. >> i need to meet this person and let him know what he's done to my family. he didn't give me that opportunity. as soon as i introduced myself which i thought i did very poll lightly. i'm don siegelman's daughter and i just wanted to tell you -- he cut me off and said tell your dad not to use my name to make money. i thought ok, buddy, i don't know if you're quite with it. he certainly knew who don
4:35 pm
siegelman was and was certainly angry to know i was his daughter. i think he can do something because he knows the people that were behind my dad's case. he pulled a lot of strings. >> rove is a pathetic character. to say you're making money. he's going to prison. where is he making money? you jerk. you talked to siegelman. >> i asked him the exit strategy from prison, what would it be. he said a pardon from president obama. which made me think when president obama wins or loses. >> the only thing that will get me out of prison in the short run is a pardon or commutation of sentence from president obama, so after the election, i'm asking my friends here to when it's appropriate to say something to the president, you know for me. >> are you better off with a lame duck president obama or are you better off with president obama as president obama. >> i'm better off with president obama regardless of if i had to
4:36 pm
spend the six years in prison. [ laughter ] >> what a classy, unbelievable guy. michael, thank you so much for doing those interviews. if you want to support the governor, there's a petition at and president obama should commute his sentence or better yet give him a pardon immediately. this is a gross miscarriage of justice. >> john boehner attacks president obama over how the negotiations went. i'll set him straight when we return. >> no, no, no, hold on. i need $400 billion. and i pushed back a couple times.
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>> bob woodward of watergate fame talks about negotiations obama had with republicans over the debt limit ceiling and grand bargain they were trying to reach. the book you see the massive cave ins by president obama. he says all right, all right i'll raise the medicare eligibility age which costs thousands of dollars for average americans. he says i'll cult the benefits in social security. these are not progressive positions. i find them totally unacceptable. i don't find it brave that you hit the middle class and poor and don't hit the middle class at all. there is a second component the
4:41 pm
contempt with which the republicans treat president obama. now, bob woodward sat down with diane sawyer yesterday and shared some of those tapes. listen to what john boehner said face-to-face negotiations with president obama went. >> all you need to know about the differences between the president and myself is that i'm sitting here smoking a cigarette, drinking merlot and here's the president of the united states drinking iced tea and champing on nicorette. >> what does that mean, you're a tough guy because you're sipping merlot? that's the least tough thing i've ever heard. look at the president, he wasn't even drunk at the meeting. what a loser. i can't believe he had iced tea. how irresponsible of him to not be loaded during the negotiation. you lush! meanwhile, look at president obama's perspective on that same exact meeting. >> by that time, i quit smoking but, you know, i was making sure
4:42 pm
he had an ashtray. you know, if you need to have a sip of wine, we can have a good conversation and i personally think he wanted to genuinely get something done so i'm feeling optimistic. >> while one of them was looking at the other with utter contempt, president obama is feeling optimistic, i think this is going well. no get it through your head. they don't want to do a deal with you. they want you to fail. when are you going to understand that? president obama realized he struck a terrible deal. even the sad senators on the democratic side had just gotten a better deal in on capitol hill right? he said look, you got to throw in $400 billion of revenue. it's fake revenue. i'll explain that. here is president obama's perspective on that. >> i want to be very emphatic here. at no point did i say john, take
4:43 pm
it or leave it. what i said to him was you have to tell me how many votes do you plan to put on this thing. >> now let me tell you what i mean by fake revenue. the $800 billion they were going to get back, i'm going to gull medicare, social security, what am i going to get back? oh no, it's ok, it's the magical fairy revenue you would get even though you're not going to raise taxes. they were not going to raise taxes. the rich were going to get away fax free. president obama said can we get that fake revenue and boehner said no to that anyway. in fact, here he said a lot more than i just said. >> his position is he was not saying i have to have it, he was saying i want you to consider it. >> no, no, no, hold on, no, no, no. no no. i need $400 billion.
4:44 pm
i need. i pushed back a couple times and it's not no, i need $400. >> even then with this fake revenue, boehner's answer is no, no no, no, no, no, no and president obama wasn't drunk enough. >> president obama said i didn't say that i needed it, i just said pretty please. >> are we going through this again in the second term? the final piece of the tape here boehner proves how unmovable he is: >> not a damn dime. you can't take anything from the rich. president obama, when are you going to realize these are not the guy to say negotiate. that grand bargain he told a reporter that it's more important to him than even health care reform. it's a terrible deal for the entire country. don't do it.
4:45 pm
don't negotiate with these guys anymore. unfortunately, he won't listen to us. if he gets a second term, he's going to go right back to that same table with these guys and it makes me sick. >> bill maher takes on tom brokaw. when we come back. >> i days agree with chris on this. i think it was a demonstration of his sense of humor. people when i'm upset. they're doing this this corruption based on corruption based on corruption. >>that's an
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>> bill maher just wrote a blog against tom brokaw. why did he do that? it was about a panel that msnbc was holding with republicans. first, chris matthews aggressively challenged him on what the republican party was doing in this election. >> i have to call you on this, mr. chairman. you are suggesting that somehow ma'am's been running a negative campaign and you guys a positive. that's inaccurate. they're both negative. the cheap shot about i don't have a problem with my birth certificate is awful an embarrassment to your party. this stuff about getting rid of the work requirement for welfare is dishonest everyone's pointed it out and you are playing that little ethnic card and you can play games and giggle about it, but your side is playing that card. you talk about work requirements, you know what game you're playing. >> i've never been more proud of chris matthews. of course, tom brokaw has to
4:50 pm
step in. but everything is even, watch. >> i disagree with chris on this. listen i think -- i think it was a demonstration of his sense of humor. i think in fairness that all during the republican debates and the rhymeries that there was a lot of stuff aimed at the president that was not refuted by leaders of the party. >> i refuted every single time, i bet you 20 times on t.v. >> i'm not talking about the birthing thing as much as as he's a muslim, a socialist johnson had to apologize for saying he doesn't know what it's like to be an american. i think it comes the other way as well. that's what makes the country fed up with politics. >> how does it come the other way? it doesn't, but he's a mainstream journalist. it doesn't matter the reality
4:51 pm
the facts they have to call it even. that's what bill mauer called out saying: >> that might sound harsh. i'm going to show you why he said that. he continues to say: >> now who's right, bill maher or tom brokaw? it's not even closemmaher is 100% right. >> aren't i wonderfully objective journalist, tom brokaw? no, you're lays and intimidated. you're not being your job. being neutral is not reporting the facts. when the steelers lost and i love the steelers, last night to the broncos or actually two nights ago, see that, you got to be objective what happened?
4:52 pm
it's not like you say they both played well, no, the broncos won. neutrality is ridiculous. objectivity is what you should go for. brokaw since he doesn't want to offend republicans doesn't give you objectivity or the facts doesn't give you a reality. he gives you a false view of reality where he says everything is even. well, the democrats do it, too. really? when did they call mitt romney a muslim, a socialist or fascist? never. to be fair to tom brokaw, he does have a great voice. >> michael is here. let's just take a quick -- >> it's not that i'm going to disagree but tom brokaw, a victim of context a victim of the times. this is a different era of reporting where opinion is out there constantly, so tom brokaw i think is hyper aware of his desire to be neutral. it is not a successful
4:53 pm
venteddure for him. i did won't. the industry that he captained for quite a while has changed drastically. i think that's part of it. i think there's some semblance of correctness in his saying that it was an awkward joke by mitt romney. >> the awkward joke point is a totally fine opinion to have. since that's the last thing and i know anna, you agree with me, we've covered this a million times on young turks, on this particular issue. we don't want your opinions, tall. it's not about your opinions. i don't care if you're pro choice or pro life, but you've got to tell me if sadaam hussein worked with al-qaeda or didn't. you have to tell us with that it is partly your fault. how is that for harsh? eliot spitzer is next. >> that was a great tirade,
4:54 pm
chenk. i enjoyed every moment of that. that's why i love coming right after you. you get the crowd going. we've got an amazing new york times today saying the white house knew a whole lot more than 9/11 than they had wanted us to know about what al-qaeda was up to and what osama bin laden was up to. a whole new conversation pre9/11. who was in charge of the 9/11 fund and did it with exquisite fairness fascinating conversation there, as well. >> looking forward to it, thank you so much. >> when we come back, why do the rich folks wanted to bribe the republicans in the first place? because boy are they going to get their money's worth. i'll give you an example of sheldon adelson and how much money he is going to save if mitt romney becomes president. [ bass thudding ]
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